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comment ça marche ?Le Comptoir Du Bois

Le Comptoir Du Bois is a serious partner with an extensive experience of the timber trade. We benefit our customers by bridging the market demands and the constraints of the sawn timber production.

For each family of wood products, Le Comptoir Du Bois has selected the producer with the best quality/price ratio :

Quality :
We work exclusively with first class sawmills, in accordance with the best practices of the lumber industry. We guarantee the reliability of the suppliers that we introduce to our customers, and ensure that they will scrupulously respect the orders specification.

Price :
We offer a sourcing service tailored to our clients needs, ensuring them to find the products they are looking for at the best market conditions. We selected the best producers and link them to our customers, offering them the best procurement scheme and a straight access to the sawmills !

comment ça marche ?How does it work :


Le Comptoir Du Bois offers you a direct access to the best Polish sawmills.*

Join Le Comptoir Du Bois, and get personalized price offers, in just a few clicks.

Send us your enquiries, and place orders directly to the sawmills. Benefit from the best market conditions for the goods you want to purchase.

Gain valuable business thanks to efficient responsiveness and unparalleled competitiveness !

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* Sales are reserved for professionals with registered companies
* The prices shown on-line are indicative and subject to final confirmation. The quotes are given in EURO, excluding VAT, and including the cost of delivery by full trailer loads (~ 30m3 / ~ 40m3) to a single destination indicated prior to order (Incoterm CIP).
* Deliveries by full trailer loads of 24 tons (generally by Tautliner) coming directly from the Polish sawmills. Adequate logistics means must be put in place by the customer, for the reception of its orders. The customer must have a forklift available at the place of delivery for the unloading of the goods.



Polish mills are the undisputed champion producers of wooden products treated in autoclave. They are equipped with modern milling lines and offer a wide range of machine rounded poles, and stakes (with a smooth and regular surface). Lengths range up to 6m, and diameters between 5 and 24 cm.

Machine rounded polesMachine rounded stakesMachine rounded half polesMachine rounded flat polesPoles bordersRound posts fencingVineyard stakes


Located in the heart of sustainably managed Scots Pine forests (100% FSC certified), the Polish sawmills have access to quality raw material that enables them to produce a wide range of construction wood products, either rough sawn or planed. The Polish sawmills are flexible : they can adapt their production to any specific requests. They can saw customized dimensions, offer special sorting, and custom lengths specifications (you buy exclusively the lengths you need !). And, of course, they are the champion of autoclave impregnation.

BeamsBattens & PlanksBoardsCalibrated CarcassingJoistsStructural FrameworkSquare PostsDeckings


Custom Sawing

Custom Sawing : Sawing special demensions on demand
Get non-standard lumber dimensions made to order with specifications that match your needs !

Custom Sorting

Custom Sorting : Specific qualities defined by your specifications
Order your goods sorted according to your criteria !

Length orders

Length orders : Choice of length orders
Buy only the lengths that interest you !

Stress grading

Stress grading : Sort your goods according to their class and strength
Ask for markings: C18 / C24 / C30 for your construction wood !

Precise End Trimming

Precise End Trimming : Cut exact lengths
Get your lumber made to order at the lengths that you want !

Special packaging

Special packaging : Half packages, baling some parts
Define how your goods are to be packed and packaged !

Custom Drying

Custom Drying : Fixed degree of dryness on demand
We will dry your goods according to your specificatiosn up to 6% dryness !


NIMP15 : Drying wood according to IPPC 15 (heat treatment ISPM 15) standards
Phytosanitary Certificate for wrapped wood !

Customized Planing

Customized Planing : Special planing according to your specifications
We will plane your goods with the profile that you desire based on your specifications !

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing : Special manufacturing on demand according to your specifications
We will manufacture your lumber the way that you want it !


Treatments : Treating wood by soaking or by autoclave; class 2 / class 3 / class 4 (green/brown)
We will apply the wood treatment of your choice !


Painting : Numerous colors of paint available
We can paint your lumber according to your specifications !

Customer Service

Customer Service : Benefit from a professional and highly responsive customer service.
Get a rapid and accurate response regardless of the type of request !

Order online

Order online : Personalized price offers in just a few clicks
Gain valuable business as a result of unrivaled responsiveness and competitiveness !

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