Polish mills are the undisputed champion producers of wooden products treated in autoclave. They are equipped with modern milling lines and offer a wide range of machine rounded poles, and stakes (with a smooth and regular surface). Lengths range up to 6m, and diameters between 5 and 24 cm.

Machine rounded polesMachine rounded stakesMachine rounded half polesMachine rounded flat polesPoles bordersRound posts fencingVineyard stakes


Located in the heart of sustainably managed Scots Pine forests (100% FSC certified), the Polish sawmills have access to quality raw material that enables them to produce a wide range of construction wood products, either rough sawn or planed. The Polish sawmills are flexible : they can adapt their production to any specific requests. They can saw customized dimensions, offer special sorting, and custom lengths specifications (you buy exclusively the lengths you need !). And, of course, they are the champion of autoclave impregnation.

BeamsBattens & PlanksBoardsCalibrated CarcassingJoistsStructural FrameworkSquare PostsDeckings

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