Traitement autoclave
Autoclave Treatment

After being sawn, dried, planed, and manufactured, the wood can be impregnated. The sawmills we work with have perfectly mastered wood treatment and are very well equipped to perform all kinds of operations :

tableau traitement
The impregnation process and the density of the injected treatment product vary depending on the purpose for which the goods are intended.

Throughout the process, the best practices are applied in treatment: quality, quantity, and concentration of the impregnating solutions to their application. All treatment products used are effective, safe and environmentally friendly (no heavy metals).

Our Treatment Quality Guarantee

IMPREGNABLE MATERIAL : Scots Pine can be treated to the core, to a complete saturation of it's sapwood (treatment class 4)
DRY LUMBER : drying wood to a maximum of 20-25% before impregnation in the autoclave (treatment class 4)
TREATMENT PROCEDURE : modern autoclaves, at the cutting edge of technology
TREATMENT PRODUCTS : both effective and respectful of the environment and health (Tanalith)

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Treatments : Treatments by soaking or by autoclave; class 2 / class 3 / class 4 (green/brown)
We can apply the treatment of your choice !