Le Comptoir Du Bois is a serious business partner who has worked in the timber trade for quite a long time. Le Comptoir Du Bois benefits their customers with their vast experience, creating the necessary link between the market demands and constraints of production.

The Polish mills that we work with have a strong background and extensive experience in this industry. They have acquired unrivaled mastery in the production and impregnation of wood. They provide exclusively Scots Pine from sustainably managed forests that are FSC certified. They apply the best practices in treatment, using effective but non-toxic, safe and environmentally-friendly treatment material.

Our Guaranteed Quality :

Pologne Choice of Producers

Pin sylvestre Selection of high quality materials

Traitement Wood treatment expertise

FSC Respect for the environment

S.A.V Responsiveness & professionnalism of our team

The standard quality of wood products on this site are called "Fifth of Poland" , which corresponds to a 100% quality squared framing, choice II:

Scots Pine Framing choice II
pdf Download the CNDB classification regulations

Special Sorting can also be performed on demand, done in the same fashion as northern sorting in accordance with the grading standards of the Scandinavian softwood described in the blue book:

pdf Download the Blue book classification regulations